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It is our network of advisors, partners, guides, even mentors. We, the permanent team, are looking for inspiring people who love filmmaking, as well as education and the idea of developing a new generation of cinema aficionados. 

This group has been formed to help us during the growth and evolution of L’Académie by way of its members’ diverse personalities, skills, experiences and - of course - social networks in various fields of activity.

Engagement is done on a volunteer basis and will be implemented in a pleasant, open and growth-oriented atmosphere for all parties involved.

L'Académie’s objective is to create filmmaking training content that inspires passion, reflexion, goal-oriented action and a drive to achieve one’s dreams ; L’Académie’s “allié.es” (french for “allies”, “friends”) will always be associated to such a school of thought.

Are you in?

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