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The Social engagement challenge

Cinema Academy is offering youth organizations an opportunity to give their 9-30 year-old kids FREE filmmaking lessons throughout autumn 2021.  A series of 8 fun and practical asynchronous lessons will be offered to 1000 teenagers throughout Canada (available in French or English). The first 1000 people to register for the online filmmaking training as part of their engagement in the Social Engagement Challenge will get the course from october to december (1 class of 3 hours per week) for free. You and the kids will therefore be able to produce a great video for the challenge, on top of learning important filmmaking and artistic skills. 

Organizations and the kids they work with can also register for the Engagement Challenge.  With the help of the filmmaking lessons, the teenagers will have to produce a short, 2 to 4-minute video showcasing a volunteer engagement action that they will have been taking part in.  This could be a social, human, environmental, professional or personal action.


The videos will then have to be sent to the Academy at through the use of the third-party website “WeTransfer”.  We will publish every video once they are approved by our team.  A jury will then analyze all videos and the actions showcased in them to determine the winners.

Videos must be sent by February 1, 2022 at the latest.

The winning videos will be announced on March 1, 2022. 

A prize of $1000 will be given to the organization with the best video.


A prize of $750 will be given to the organization showcasing the action with the highest social impact.


A prize of $750 will be given to the organization having collected the most amount of views on their submitted videos.

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