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Classroom activities

A playful introduction to movie making from kindergarten to Grade 6

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Service Description

We come to your classroom to offer a movie making workshop to your students, while respecting any COVID-19 protocols in effect. We can provide you with a document of activities to do before and after the workshop with the children in your group. You can contact us at (418) 440-8284 or by email at DURATION: HALF DAY OR FULL DAY EQUIPMENT REQUIRED : TNI WITH COMPUTER AND USB PORT The activity: 1. Arrival of the trainer, discussion with the teacher, taking note of any of the teacher’s specific requests and classroom set-up (projector, TNI,etc.) (5 minutes) 2, Introduction: Trainer and students introduce themselves. The trainer will briefly describe some of the behavior expectations throughout the activity and begin a discussion about the children’s initial knowledge regarding movie making. (5 minutes) 3. A short presentation of the history of cinema and some of its most important movies. (20 minutes) Access to an interactive whiteboard is ideal for this part of the activity. If this is not possible, a projector/TV with DVD player will do. 4. Division of the class into teams and explanation of the different roles on the movie set. The group will be divided into teams of 5 students and the roles in front of and behind the camera will be distributed. (10 minutes) • Roles in front of the camera: Character 1, Character 2, etc. • Roles behind the camera : Director, cameraman, boom operator, sound recordist, clapper loader. • Team A starts in fronts of camera and team B starts behind. Afterwards, team B goes in front of the camera and Team C behind, etc. * The teams and the roles behind the camera can be distributed before the trainer arrives. 5. Preparing for filming. The students practice their favorite original one-page script. Your students will love rehearsing and performing these scenes in front of the camera! (15 minutes) ** * Our team has prepared several different acting scripts for kids and teens. 6. Silence, we’re shooting! (50 minutes) 7. Wrap up and conclusion (15 minutes) SCHEDULE : Depending on your needs and availability. Contact us by phone or email to reserve your activity time slot. COST: Contact us for a quote

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Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault (CSL) - Université Laval, 1055 Avenue du Séminaire, Québec, Québec G1V 0A6, Canada

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