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Located at the heart of Quebec City, l’Académie du Cinéma is a non-profit organization which offers filmmaking and video-related training for the young… and the old alike (yes, indeed!). By way of online group training, summer camps, extracurricular activities and workshops in various organizations, communities and retirement homes, l’Académie du Cinéma’s mission is to share a passion for video and film creation.


management team

Max Boudreault


Having graduated in filmmaking and entrepreneurship, Max notices a gap to fill in youth education and decides to establish a cinema school for kids aged under 18. During his own education, he also acquires experience as a technician in the fields of aerial photography and cultural events. Today, he has made a name for himself in Quebec City’s market. Not only has he founded a school that initiates more than 150 kids every year to the art of filmmaking, but he is also at the heart of Quebec City’s movie studios and works on numerous professional film sets.

Pamela Doyon


A Theatre Diploma graduate, Pamela has directed many theatre shows and been involved in art direction and set design for a number of cultural events.  She keeps acquiring professional experience as an event manager, an entrepreneur and a project manager.  She deeply values cultural development and sharing a passion for art with all future generations. She also loves discovering, traveling, music, everything that pushes her out of her comfort zone… and Thai Soup.


jean-philippe side

senior trainer

JP has been teaching at l’Académie du Cinéma since 2014.  After having studied filmmaking, audio engineering and musical composition, he has also worked on many cinematic, theatrical and multidisciplinary creative productions, mainly as a sound designer.  His main goal when teaching is that everybody learns as much as possible while still having fun!  Apart from cinema, JP is a big fan of outdoor activities, yoga … and light bulbs!

Photo JP AC portrait.png

Samantha butcher


Straight out of college, Sam is beginning her career at L’Académie du Cinéma, lending a helping hand to our communication department.  After studying for 5 years in that field, she’s figured out every possible aspect of creating and writing for digital social media (well, at least that’s what she thinks). She is excited to finally be able to combine her academic training with her passion for local arts and culture. A passion so great, in fact, that she is always willing to speak about it : In front of her college class, she once presented a 20-minute speech on the topic of… popcorn!


marie-joëlle corteau

administrative assistant

An enthusiastic teacher who graduated in 2014, Marie-Joe is an extravagant soul who shares knowledge with the same kind of intense energy that she displays when performing on stage. Throughout her life, she has acquired 20 years of experience in theatre, 15 years in crowd entertainment, and 5 years in the world of tale-telling. Every time the word ‘production’ touches her ears, an immense passion gets sparked in her - no matter what project, no matter what field, her involvement in the cultural scene is proven and solid. She likes (loves) Christmas trees, lists (“kaïzen”-style and more), new challenges, being surprised... and also has a soft spot for garden gnomes!


our logo


Max Boudreault, founder, didn’t want a conventional logo to represent his school (clichés such as filmstrip or a camera). Therefore, he decided to use a symbol to inspire himself: The piercing eye of the SNOWY OWL.


Meaning of that symbol : eye, vision, wisdom


The snowy owl is the owl that flies the highest, just like L’Académie du Cinéma wants to be at the top, the best of its kind.


Teaching/Scripts + Camera Lens + Snowy Owl Eye = L’Académie du Cinéma

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