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Summer camp

Camp d'été

Our training covers all film production, with the exception of acting. Here are some examples of exercises we offer:


- Search for ideas (brainstorming)

- Writing (synopsis and screenplay)

- Editing and cinematographic language (storyboard)

- Use of the web cam for filming 

- Collective shooting project

- Individual fiction filming

- Collective and/or individual music video

- Magazine shoot (cooking recipe, tips and tricks, etc.)

- Simplified electronic assembly

- Standard electronic mounting

Suitable for: 
- 8 
at 17 years old

Learn and practice the art of making films for a whole week with other enthusiasts

de cinema in a playful and amusing context!

Group 1

(Initiation/Beginner/8-10 years old)

Activities :


Script writing

Technical cuts

Plan Values Exercises

Sequence shot shooting

Viewing excerpts

Genre film shooting Introduction to special effects

Shooting a silent film Initiation to editing

Music video shooting

Preparing for the viewing session

Group 2

(Intermediate/11-14 years old)



Script writing and character development

Technical cutting 2.0 Pastiche of a scene from a Hollywood movie

Sequence shot shooting

Viewing excerpts

Genre film shooting

Special effects exercise

Editing exercises and introduction to sound editing

Music video shooting

Preparing for the viewing session

Group 3

(Advanced/15-17 years old)

*Requires a certain maturity and ideally prior experience in creation

film (Academy camp or other).

Activities :


Scripting a short film

Complete technical breakdown

Introduction to the principles of artistic direction and 'casting'

Viewing and analysis of extracts

Introduction to advanced framing, sound recording and lighting techniques

Direction of actors

Video and sound editing exercises

Introduction to advanced post-production (visual effects, coloring, music, etc.)

Preparing for the viewing session

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Ciném en camp

Our trainers travel to outdoor bases and municipalities to offer our various activities

Outline of the process (for example only)

1. Arrival of the trainer and specific requests (5 minutes)
2. Introduction and Presentation (5 minutes)
3. Presentation of the history of cinema (20 minutes)

*Requires an interactive whiteboard 
4. Formation of the teams and explanations of the shooting (10 minutes)
5. Preparation for filming. (15 minutes)
6. Silence, let's turn! (50 mins)
7. Closing remarks (15 minutes)

Cost: starting at $15/youth

Cinema in camp


Suitable for: 
- 5 to 12 years old 

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